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About Us


Liberar La Mente is admittedly in it's infancy. Our focus is on exposing underprivileged children of Peru to the technology which has become standard in global society and that which many of us take for granted. The idea is simple, the problem is not. In the early stages of globalization there are many winners and losers. Because rhetoric manufactures strictly in Peru, we have had the opportunity to observe the growing need for exposing technology to children living in developing countries like Peru.





Our goal is to expose these children to modern technological advances like personal computers and most importantly the information supper highway. We feel this opportunity will expand the context in which they live and enrich their overall life experience. This objective is not without it's opposition.

In the most suffering regions of undeveloped countries, education is not the most paramount of concerns. Rather often times the need for nourishment trumps the luxury of an education. Often times the whole idea of "community" in general is overlooked as those families in the most dire situations turn away from education to focus on survival. This is not with out merit but we believe that when looking at education vs. nourishment, each hand feeds the other. Living with only one of these directives is unbalanced, unhealthy and unsustainable.



How We Got Started


Liberar La Mente was launched in 2009 by husband-and-wife team, W. Dylan Dawson and Lizbeth Cayro. After meeting many underprivileged children living in the Peruvian Sierra country. The Rhetoric co-founders were inspired by missed opportunities in exposing these growing minds to technology, which could enrich their eager minds if only provided the opportunity.


Phase One


Our visit to Nor Yauyos Reserva was an eye opening experience. We spent a week traveling in this region of Peru, which is in the developing stages protection as becoming a national park. Today only a single lane mining road exists as the sole entry or exit point to the outside world. Those living in the small mountain pueblos are for good or bad underexposed to the modern world. Those that have visited the soon to be national park understand why no one who lives there would have any reason to leave. A brief description of this place would not do it justice, it's ripe with majestic waterfalls and native walking trails which have been used for centuries by Inca and older native tribes, it's paradise. In short the people living here are not prepared to act on behalf their own interests in the inevitable influx of tourism and capitalism to this region.

Rhetoric is seeking donations of functioning laptops which can be donated to the school systems in Huancayo and Yauyos. In addition we are asking for any networking devices which may no longer be needed by you or your office. Rhetoric will be handling the costs of the importation taxes , delivery freight, and coordinating the integration into the classrooms. So please don’t send us your paperweights. Equipment which is in good shape but has lost it’s value here in the states could have a long useful life in Peru.


Here is what we need:


• Windows platform laptops with capability to run Windows XP or higher

• Modems, Wireless Routers, and any useful networking equipment.

• Linux or windows based servers (a long shot I know but it would be great).



Big Picture


Our long-term goal is to provide a link (via video stream) between both of these school systems with an American classroom. Which we think will nurture a bond of understanding, charity, and friendship, which will be mutually beneficial.


Contacting Us


Please feel free to contact us about the following:

• Donating your used computers and or equipment.

• Suggestions about how to improve this idea

• Donating your time and efforts to Liberar La Mente .

You can reach our team by email.

Our postal address is: Rhetoric, 811 E Aloha st. LWR, Seattle, WA 98102, USA





The People

Rhetoric celebrates diversity and the absurd, which serves as an accurate description of its principal founders Lish Cayro and W. Dylan Dawson. Both are students of architecture, distracted by fashion, and dedicated to celebrating life. Our company has an inherent value system, which observes the growing responsibilities towards the environment. The Rhetoric staff does not tolerate waste or exploitation in any aspect of our retail system.



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