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The Shirts

Typically the standard t-shirt company will concentrate on offering either a unique print or a unique fit; we proudly offer both. Our shape is derived from the more modern ìAmericanî style cut with adjustments that reinforce, enhance durability, and lengthen the life of the shirt. Please review our for precise measurements. The Peruvian cotton is chosen from a worldwide search of available materials. It is softer than Egyptian and out washes every other cotton on the market. Our thread is nylon, flexible and wonít break. All components are retroactive and wonít bleed or fade. We custom make every item we sell to ensure Quality; we do not use or condone generic tee shirt blanks.

All of our Men’s and Women’s tees are slim fit on a 40/1 Single Ring-Spun Peruvian Cotton with an enzyme wash, silicone treatment and retroactive colors guaranteed not to bleed in the wash.

Please be advised that Rhetoric t-shirts are slim-fit and you may want to round up if you are conflicted on sizing. Please review the sizechart, and the question in our FAQ entitled .

What the heck is a slim fit 40/1 Single Ring-Spun Cotton Shirt with an enzyme wash and silicone treatment?


That’s Sputnick for a regular, 100% cotton processed with quality higher than the industry standard. The enzyme wash removes undesired cotton strands while the silicone treatment provides a superior finish which is noticeably superior to untreated cotton.

Wear and Tear


Our tee shirts are all pre-washed and dried, so they come pre-shrunk. Our tees will shrink from 0”-0.5” after you wash them for the first time, and after that they shouldn’t shrink at all. Unless, of course, you boil them in the hot cycle and proceed to dry in the microwave. Then we can’t guarantee anything...

The Prints


Rhetoric has cultivated relationships with top international artists from many mediums including but not limited to: Graphic design, Paint, Ink & Pencil, and Architecture. We are loyal to our artists and look after their interests as much as we do our own. We work hard to provide a safe harbor for quality artwork. We are focused on substance-based images, which inspire thought or nostalgia. All interested artists should contact and be prepared to submit a digital portfolio.



The name “Pima” was applied to ELS cotton (previously called American-Egyptian). The name was given in honor of the Pima Indians who were helping to raise the ELS cotton.The evolution of ELS cottons began in 1825 when Sea Island cotton was crossed with a tree cotton named Jumel. The crossing of Jumel and Sea Island resulted in the creation of Ashmouni in about 1860. The next several Egyptian cultivars were derived from Ashmouni or from crosses of Ashmouni and Sea Island. The term Egyptian cotton refers to the extra long staple cotton grown in Egypt and favored by luxury brands worldwide. During the U.S. Civil War, with heavy European investments, Egyptian-grown cotton became the main alternate source for British textile mills. Egyptian cotton is more durable and softer than American Pima cotton, which is why it is highly regarded. Pima cotton is an American cotton that is grown in the south western United States. Peruvian Pima cotton is a different story. Peru has two kinds of cotton: tanguis and pima cotton. The Peruvian Pima cotton possesses the longest fiber of the world. It is only comparable with Egyptian cotton. When it is processed correctly it has a special sheen and is very soft to the touch that is in some circles considered the finest in the world.


Click here to read more about peruvian cotton



Hey what happend to my t-shirt?

Ever wonder why your favorite t-shirt of 8 months is starting to look faded, worn, and barely wearable? Well, it’s the cotton. There are varying degrees of quality and construction that you might not be aware of. Our company’s “rhetoric” has always been to build premium garments and match them with clever and innovative prints. In the literary practice of “show, don’t tell” we went looking for a way to prove the superiority of our shirts. We decided to document our shirts over the course of 25 washes.


Click here to see the 25 washes photo log


The People

Rhetoric celebrates diversity and the absurd, which serves as an accurate description of its principal founders Lish Cayro and W. Dylan Dawson. Both are students of architecture, distracted by fashion, and dedicated to celebrating life. Our company has an inherent value system, which observes the growing responsibilities towards the environment. The Rhetoric staff does not tolerate waste or exploitation in any aspect of our retail system.



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